3 Things every healer/coach/facilitator/teacher needs to know about supporting people with trauma. 



(Most people in your classes and sessions have trauma whether you think you can sense it or not).

It’s your job as a teacher, facilitator and/or healer to know how to create space for it without causing more.

You’re excellent at your craft, but when it comes to trauma, you just don’t have the training.

Right now, you’re probably:

  • Imagining that the folks in your classes are pretty ok and supported in other places in their lives.

  • Thinking: “it’s THOSE people who have trauma, not really my students.”  Meaning, war veterans or people in massive accidents or with major eating disorders.”  Reality is… you really can’t tell who carries trauma.

  • Confused about the proper practices; should you talk about it or not? Should you go deeper or pull back?  Should you let them just handle it on their own or intervene?

  • Not sure what to look for and how to know if folks are experiencing a trauma response.

  • Afraid to do or say the wrong thing, so sometimes, you shrink. You know you can support your clients but don’t want to make what they’re experiencing worse. 

  • Concerned that your clients and students aren’t receiving fully from your gifts but aren’t sure what to shift… 

But that all changes on [INSERT DATE HERE] at [TIME] when I’m hosting a live class called: 


3 Things every healer/coach/facilitator needs to know about supporting clients with trauma. 

During Trauma Awareness Training, you’ll learn:


Common things that most of us say when we’re guiding others that can be triggering to folks with trauma… like… “Close your eyes.”  And why. This includes some alternatives. 


How to set up your classes and sessions from the beginning to begin to create space where folks with trauma feel welcomed and more at ease from the start.


The secret that most trauma specialists know about how to actually help support the healing of trauma that actually quite simple and easy.

AND, there’ll be plenty of time at the end for you to have all your questions answered about what might be happening with your clients and students, and how to apply what you’ve learned with them!

Trauma Awareness Training is a 60-minute class to support people who support people with trauma. Yup, this is support for supportive people. ;)

I’m Shelby Leigh, and I’ll be your Trauma Awareness Guide. 

Hi, I’m Shelby Leigh, and I’m so glad you’re here.


My journey has its own ups and downs which you’ll one day read about in my best selling book but for now, I’ll tell you this. I became who I am today through quite a few dead end roads, misguided coping mechanisms (drugs, alcohol, unhealthy relationships), a painful amount of complex trauma, and a strong dose of PTSD. Through the trauma I experienced, I found my gifts and am honored to support people through the full spectrum of the human experience.

With a multi-faceted background in Buddhist meditation, coaching, and somatic psychotherapy, I’ve been deep into breath, yoga, Thai massage, embodiment, tantra, and sensuality (which I use in my work and life everyday) - I’m here to help people claim more of themselves so they can heal their wounds and the world.

I want you to be able to TRUST that you can create a safer space so that your clients can heal, learn and grow with you and YOU can tap more fully into your AUTHENTIC VOICE, WISDOM and SPACE-HOLDING with incredible wisdom, care and compassion.

I work with people in a variety of ways to help people heal and grow so they can offer their gifts to others and using my somatic psychotherapy background to make sure that we’re navigating trauma in a way that doesn’t cause more.


We’ve had people who say they feel they’re embraced by the universe, or been reborn. And I feel like you can only do that when you feel safe, you know?

For myself, I feel that safety is the thing that dissolves those walls, that peels back those layers, that holds space for those miraculous experiences.

Pablo - Breathwork Facilitator & Creating Safer Space student


What I’m most aware of is the shift in my awareness when I’m with clients to pay more attention to creating a safe space.  I see myself slowing down and being more thoughtful of my words and actions. Loving everything about this training!”

– Heather DeVore, Therapist & Coach, Portland, Oregon & Worldwide.