fall in love with meditation

...and create a regular practice you’re magnetized to

Tap into Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness to foster a sense of inner and out acceptance, kindness, and connection with yourself AND others.

  • Long to have a daily practice but can’t figure out how to make it happen?

  • Wish you had more friends who prioritize mindfulness & meditation?

  • Feeling uninspired, foggy or lacking in clarity?

  • Need to amp up your self-confidence & self-love and want to allow yourself to be seen in that?

  • Do you need new tools for showing up more fully for yourself and others?

If so, this retreat will help your full life feel more spacious. And you'll learn to enjoy each moment as it happens.




Meditation, Metta (Loving-Kindess) & Mindfulness is the best way I know for fully transforming the places we get stuck in our lives. It’s not a quick fix. It’s not a band-aid. It’s something that needs sustained and dedicated attention. Like showing up for your best friend even when you're busy and tired. You do not need to consider yourself a Buddhist to enjoy the benefits of these teachings and practices, though you will deepen your understanding of Mindfulness through the lens of Buddhism. Everyone is welcome.


A Meditation Retreat in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Unlike going away to a secluded meditation center, this course can be easily integrated into your life while living your full schedule. Get in touch with yourself without having to leave home.

  • Find inner stability amidst the storms of life

  • Quiet your mind & listen to your body

  • Relate to yourself & others with genuine interest & compassion

  • Enhance your genuine connection and presence with others

  • Decrease your reactivity, judgment and shame

  • Be part of a dynamic & interactive community of inspired Dharma friends

  • Embrace, cultivate and sustain joy and gratitude

  • Deepen and fall in love with your regular mindfulness & metta (loving-kindness) practices


Shelby’s teaching is kind yet determined: holding space in a way that helped me see into the depth of my own experience and release into forgiveness, kindness and self love. —Aleta Adams, RN, RYT, Owner of The Yoga Lab in Bend, Oregon

Learning a Commitment to Regular Practice

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It can be so hard to keep up a consistent practice & find friends who support you maintaining your practice.  We've all heard of the power of a regular Mindfulness practice, but few of us start out with the motivation, energy and true heart commitment to stick with it. This retreat will help you with the follow through and get you in a groove, so that it feels just as important as eating a meal or moving your body. 

When we’re stressed, overwhelmed, sick, reactive and tired so many of us throw our mindfulness right out the window.  Not on purpose but because it can be difficult to figure out how to take it from the very calm, quiet and structured practice on the cushion at home out into the world where we have challenges and get blindsided by one thing after another in daily life. This program will help you bring a lot of compassion and gentleness to yourself and others when feeling tense and far from easeful.  

Be a Part of Creating an Online Sangha

“The Next Buddha May Be A Sangha” —Thich Nhat Hanh

Sangha means community. Having a local sangha that you love is an incredible gift. A place to go where there is community you feel supported and seen by. But many of us don’t have that. For one reason or another, it’s hard to find a sangha that really feels like home or there just isn’t one where you live. When we have a place where we can touch base, a place that helps us grow and support us to be our best selves while we're in daily life, we thrive. When we don’t have that, life can feel disconnected and empty. That’s why Mindfulness for Heart Centered People has been created. I created what I wanted for myself and that’s why I know it’s going to be incredible. I have spent nearly fifteen years weaving in and out of various healing, Dharma and mindfulness communities and experiences. I have seen with my own eyes that it’s not enough to just meditate and not interact with others. I have pulled from my years of working with both teens and adults in this program to create a deep sense of safety, connection, self-love, clarity and generosity - even in the most shut down and afraid people.

A unique part of this course is that it is a community where you will support each other in your practices, get real with each other and be seen and honored in your humanness and hopefully make some long-term friends to walk beside on this path. Kalyana Mitta means spiritual friend in Pali. Spiritual friends are essential to our waking up and growth on this path.

With the added element of relational dharma practices, you’ll get to practice being in relationship with another with the tools I offer for awake communication. You’ll get to show up with one or more of your practice partners with whatever is going on in your life whether it’s feeling radiant and alive or depressed and irritable.  The structured and carefully designed practice sessions will help you feel safer feeling vulnerable. It will also help you feel present for another without having to give them advice or fix them.  This brings an incredible sense of spaciousness and connection.


“The Next Buddha May Be A Sangha” —Thich Nhat Hanh

The Retreat Schedule: What to Plan For...

October 7 - November 29 2018

Sundays: Beginning October 7, each module of the retreat will be released each Sunday for 6-weeks. These are delivered through videos and PDF's and you can access them through your membership dashboard. The videos are approximately 90 minutes.

Thursdays: LIVE Interactive 90-Minute Online Video Calls (via Zoom).  This is a space for Q&A and includes additional guided practices (body-based and trauma informed) that can help support you in sitting down into your meditation practice. These will be recorded and made available to you to watch again later.

  1. Opening Call - Thursday, October 11 at 7 PM

  2. Thursday, October 18 at 7 PM

  3. Thursday, October 25 at 7 PM

  4. Thursday, November 1 at 7 PM

  5. Thursday, November 8 at 7 PM

  6. Thursday, November 15 at 7 PM

  7. Closing Celebration - Thursday, November 29 at 7 PM - (note 2 weeks between calls)

Partner Practice: At least 60-75 minutes per week

Personal Practice: At least 35 minutes 3-5 days per week

Additionally, retreatants engage in the Private Facebook Group discussions. Ideally, everyone can follow along each week but if you miss a week, you are welcome to come back and visit the material when you are ready.


More Information:

  • Mobile & Tablet friendly

  • Stay with the group schedule or learn at your own pace. Everything will be fully downloadable so you can have it for as long as you want it.

  • 100% Risk free guarantee. Try it out and if you go through the first two weeks and decide the program isn’t for you, I am happy to send you a refund.


“The World Needs More Love, More Generosity, More Mercy, More Openness.” —Jack Kornfield

Why Me?

Shelby Leigh, MA, LPCi

I believe that opening our hearts, embodying kindness, and waking up to the present moment is revolutionary work. I also believe that the more of us who can do this, the more we can heal the suffering of all beings and our planet. We wouldn't cause so much harm if we were awake to the pain of it. And it starts... right here... with each of us and stopping causing ourselves unnecessary stress & suffering with our own hearts & minds!

I’ve been working with people in various healing capacities since 2005 as coach, a mindfulness facilitator, a meditation teacher and a Somatic Psychotherapist. My teaching comes from my own meditation practice & dedication to inner-growth, as well as working with people who have felt disconnected, lost, longing yet knowing they had the capacity for genuine happiness, confidence, joy and contentment. My main focus is on long term and sustainable healing and growth, not short term fixes or band-aids.

I've been practicing meditation in the Theravada Buddhist lineage for nearly 15 years and have enjoyed the gift of sitting many meditation retreats at Spirit Rock Meditation Center over the years with my teachers Noah Levine, Vinny Ferraro, Sylvia Boorstein, Jack Kornfield, Heather Sundberg and so many other gifted Dharma teachers there.

I had the great privilege of managing and teaching 5-day retreats to youth at Inward Bound Mindfulness Education. Most recently, I've been sharing the Dharma through adult Metta retreats annually in Portland, Oregon.

My background is deeply informed by my masters degree in Somatic Psychotherapy from California Institute of Integral Studies, Certificate in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (body-based trauma treatment) and the Secular Mindfulness Facilitation Certification through UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center.

Finally have a sustainable Regular practice

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