Where Trauma Really Starts...


This video sheds some light on a blind spot I see a lot in facilitators.

Check it out below. Then keep scrolling to access today’s guided meditation.

We all have doubts in our ability to hold space for folks who carry trauma.

But the truth is you absolutely have the capacity for it.

This guided meditation below will help your nervous system learn what it feels like to melt into that capacity. It will help you feel resourced (connected, grounded and present).

Staying resourced as a facilitator is critical to your work. It enables you to:

tap into steadiness no matter what

let situations arise without feeling the need to react, fix, or figure out

find a sense of deep acceptance, clarity, love and compassion for yourself and your clients

So settle in now or bookmark this page and come back tonight.

And I invite you to sit with me for a while.

More to come tomorrow. Keep an eye on your inbox!