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Coaching and Consultation for “Well-Being Professionals” that help you sustain an embodied confidence that you can trust.

It IS possible to be both an expert AND a human being. This is a space where you can be deeply vulnerable and also respected and supported as the trusted professional you are. A sacred space where we can tend to the blocks and stress you carry, align you with your desires and instill confidence in your “more than enough-ness” so that you can offer your gifts feeling empowered while trusting yourself fully with your students and clients.

Odds are that you’ve landed here because you’re someone who creates loving space for others so that they can heal and grow - I like to call you “love leaders”. You’ve got incredible gifts to offer the world and impeccable skill, training and a whole myriad of life experience. You desire to support people with confidence, authenticity and trusting in your bones that you are creating experiences for them and yourself that are in highest alignment with their north stars, and your own.

But there’s this thing pulling at you. You know that you have the capacity to feel even better about your work. You feel anxious that something’s missing in what you’re doing. You’re often a bit stressed about whether or not what you’re giving is enough, or just right for each person or group that walks through your door. And with so many people these days that are waking up to the trauma they carry, you sometimes wonder… “can I truly support them by helping them or will I be harming them?”.

Coaches, therapists, meditation teachers, breathwork facilitators, yoga teachers, healers and group leaders… “LOVE LEADERS”.



meditation teachers.

yoga teachers.

breathwork facilitators.


group leaders.

It’s your time to fully embody your unique gifts. To speak your authentic voice. To guide from a place of clarity, wisdom, fierceness and wisdom. To create caring, supportive and “safer” space for people out of pure, genuine LOVE. Because your clients and students NEED you and what you have to offer. Your voice matters, you are important and you have been through so much. Now’s the time to completely step into your power and up into your highest self so that you can guide and have deep and lasting impact with the work and gifts you offer. You have ARRIVED.