After medical school, surgeons spend years under the supervision of other more experienced surgeons.

So, as a coach, doesn’t it make sense that you’d want supervision too?

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Welcome to Consulting with me, Shelby, where you’ll get the supervision you crave so you have a sounding board, a healing board, trauma awareness nerd, and a facilitation expert at your fingertips!

I work 1:1 with coaches, healers, therapists, and teachers so they can better support their clients and hone their unique specialization.

Here’s the truth: Our clients mirror us.

It’s all part of the greater healing process and because of it, sometimes our clients can actually trigger our own wounds.

It doesn’t mean you’re bad or not cut out for this work.

It just means you have the opportunity to go deeper and to do so, you need tending to.

I help my clients support their clients by working through self-doubt, low wealth consciousness, logistics of running a wellness business, exhaustion, and anything else that comes up.

My clients are welcome to (confidentially) consult with me on their clients so they can get the trauma awareness training they need and then support the client and themselves.

I want you to be the most confident coach/therapist/teacher/healer out there so that you can TRUST yourself fully as you offer your gifts to the world.


Shelby’s ability to hold presence and safety have allowed for me to see things I couldn’t on my own.  Discoveries about myself that would have taken years if I tried to find them on my own only took a matter of moments to uncover.

– Shaunna Brallier,  Sex and Love Coach, San Diego, California


Shelby is utterly present during sessions and a true master at what she does.  She cares deeply for her clients, and it shows.  As a result of working with her, I’ve been able to move forward in situations where I’ve previously felt stuck, and experience huge relief and permission to not have to be perfect.  I’ve experienced a deep, profound connection to myself.

– Roshni Dominic, Coach, United Kingdom


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