In working with Shelby for one-on-one counseling, I instantly felt a comfortable kinship and could easily move into the rhythm of our sessions. I was really interested in working with someone who was skilled in somatic therapy, so I could investigate my questions and experience through more than my words or thoughts – but also through sensations in my body as a way to have more information about my emotions, patterns, and a clearer intimacy with my own intuition. My experience was that Shelby’s listening and guidance accomplished that goal and curiousity. I always felt empowered through our work together, and left our sessions feeling like my progress and new insights were things to be celebrated. I also felt like I left our sessions with more tools to work with on my own, throughout my real-to-life moments of contraction — things that were simple enough to remember, a visualization to practice or a physical pathway to assist me in uncovering my own insights or inact change in my life in big and small ways.  
- Anonymous

I met Shelby on a wilderness retreat in New Mexico.  She was one of the dharma leaders, while I was attending. It was an amazing retreat, full of self-discovery and healing. During the retreat I was processing through some of my past experiences where I had been struggling with family issues. So, Shelby and I sat down and talked about it in the warm New Mexican sun. I was so surprised how much she understood me and I instantly felt at ease. She actually had gone through something quite similar. I felt that I could trust in her, as she spoke with such calmness and empathy. From there we continued talking after the retreat via telephone and internet. I had gone back to college and needed support while finishing up my last year. During this time I was in a long term relationship with my childhood best friend. It always put me at ease when I could call up Shelby and talk about what was going on in my life and in my head. Her attitude is always something along the lines of “It is hard to cope with the unknown,” but I have learned from her that we can be with the unknown and still be happy. I like how we communicate together. I have a hard time being vulnerable with people, but it feels very natural with Shelby. She is a strong and tender person, full of wisdom and laughter. I am very glad to have her as a friend and life mentor. 
- Chase

Shelby exudes kindness and support in a way I have never seen in a person before. Just thinking of Shelby brings a smile to my face and a feeling of comfort; whether I am near her or not, I know that she is always there for me.  
- H. Carroll

Shelby’s work with teens is truly remarkable. She is a great balance of casual and authentic, which adolescents really respond well to. I was impressed with the many different activities she brought to our students over the course of a week — not just seated meditations, but activities and games about mindfulness, as well as deep listening and appreciation that was meaningful to the students. Shelby has honed the craft of teaching mindfulness with teenagers that is engaging, respectful, and fun.
-Valerie Pufahl, Portland Waldorf High School