How to Cultivate Resilience - Podcast with Taran Walia and Shelby Leigh

It’s been the season for podcasts.  I’ve had quite the honor of getting interviewed for several podcasts by inspiring people doing incredible work in the world.  Taran Walia is one of those people. I met her in Bali and was often struck by her beautiful balance of fierceness and softness.  

In our conversation we explore the concept of resilience, why it’s important and how to cultivate it and recognize it.  You get some personal life stories and some clinical talk… my favorite.  

As you’ve heard from me before, Resilience is the inspiration for everything I do in my work.  Helping folks tap into their resilience and expand it gives them their lives back. It gives them the ability to breathe better, sleep better, relate better, make better decisions and receive life more fully. 

I hope you’ll check out this episode, it was so lovely getting to know Taran a bit more in this context too.  I think you’ll enjoy it!