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Trauma Series Coming Soon!

I am sending you a lot of love as we move from summer into fall (or winter into spring, depending on where you are in the world).

People have been asking me when the Trauma Series I have been developing will be ready - I'm excited to share with you that it's coming soon and will be here at the end of October (just about in time for Halloween...).

I made you a short video with some more details.

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Stand Up, Break Free Podcast

Here is some interesting conversation to inspire you! I was interviewed on Stand Up, Break Free podcast recently, where we talk about all these things and more:

  • Can Dharma and Tantra mix?

  • How do we heal from trauma and how do we best help others to do so?

  • What's it like to leave home and travel the world? How does one even begin?

  • Does a serious spiritual practice have to have such a focus on suffering or can we lean into joy and pleasure more fully?

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Chronic Pain and Relationship Friction. Do they correlate for you?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about all those unconscious ways our bodies try to help us out.  Even when we think they’re doing the opposite. In this Vlog, I share about something I’ve noticed in my own life around how often when there’s been any kind of friction (or a tiny glimpse that friction could be there), my body sometimes goes into an unconscious pain reaction.  Well… not so unconscious anymore… busted!

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I Disappoint People

I disappoint people.

I REALLY disappoint people.  Sometimes I feel like A SUPER BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.  Sometimes I really let people down.  Piss people off.  People feel hurt and misunderstood by me.  It used to feel like death to me when I let people down.  I LITERALLY wanted to die.  Over something as simple as messing up the flavor of ice cream they asked me to pick up for them.  The thought of not getting it perfect made my knees shake and my gut rot.  

Over time, I learned it’s not that I am a disappointment, it’s that I disappoint people sometimes.

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Celebrating each other

It is the end of week 1 of 4 in the Mexican jungle with nearly 50 women.  3 weeks to go, each new group of 50 women. Stunned. Awed. Grateful. I am feeling wild and on a mission.  

These women come here as we support them through many processes, and layer by layer they melt away so much shame, conditioning, fear and grief - all the ways they’ve been taught to be small and less alive.  

One of the ways we do this is through celebration and permission and invitations to allow every woman to be FULLY themselves in every moment.  In blissful pleasure, in dark frightened shadows, in sheer contentment, in perfectionism and control, in quietness, in loudness, and everything in between.

Celebrating each other and ourselves is NOT something most of us has been taught.  The power of truly giving ourselves and each other permission and saying yes is revolutionary.  

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