Start TODAY to Create Sustainable and Lasting Change

Happy New Year!  This tends to be the time of year where so many people go wild around starting new patterns, new projects and new commitments to themselves.  There’s so much collective energy around letting go of the old and bringing in the new.  If you’re someone who’s diving into 2018 feeling inspired to start something new, I’d love to offer a tool that I use to create SUSTAINABLE and lasting change, it’s called the “Bottom-Line” practice.

I see so many people getting their hopes up and having huge expectations for themselves only to crash out of it falling into old familiar patterns and not fully trusting their ability to make shifts they want to make.  


Question #1 to ask yourself:  “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself in this moment?” And Question #2 is: “What is ONE thing I can do today that I will feel really successful and proud of myself?”.  If you’re anything like me you tend to go full on into things and then a little inner rebel shows up and says… “NO WAY!  I like my comfort zone - it’s safe and familiar there.”  And then I slowly slide back into that old thing.  


I’ve been working on lots of new projects lately that truly fuel my creative spirit and while sometimes it feels like the most loving thing is to check out and binge watch episodes of Friends, really the most loving thing is to pick myself up and write 1 page for my new project.  I feel so much better and more parts of me feel loved because I made that choice.  


Here’s the video… let me know what you think and how it’s helping you in your life either by shooting me back an email or writing a comment over on my FB page.