Stop Sucking The Life Out of Your Romances

Are you tired of speeding into and out of amazing romances?  


Rushing into them and then having them crash into stories of rejection or abandonment or you find yourself running?


This video offers some thoughts on how to work with that soul sucking anxiety and insecurity to help you stop clinging and start enjoying deepening into relationship in a new way.


If you often find yourself in magical and beautiful honeymoon romances but left with a sense of feeling abandoned, rejected and/or wanting to run there are some key points you may be missing that can help you come back to yourself and find that magic within in a sustainable way.


That magic that you’re spinning - that IS real and that is YOU.


Watch the video and you'll find a short daily practice to re-route your love and grow your capacity for SELF love and a solid sense of inner trust where you find your own inner lover or best friend - a beautiful foundation from which to build relationships from.


When the insecurity and clinging arises, now you can meet it with care and heal it from within.

**If you love the background music, it’s my friend Brandon’s - DJ Sol Rising. His new album came out in October and it’s incredibly amazing to do yoga to, to breathe to, to rest to, to dance to. It's called Soul Vibrations.

Comment below and let me know what some of your inner appreciations are and how you experienced this practice.