4 Steps to Shifting Inner Shame, Criticism & Judgment

  • Got a mind full of shame and blame and judgment?  
  • Are you down on yourself because you can't get yourself to stop being so hard on yourself and others?
  • Focusing on what's wrong all the time?

Guess what??? You're not stuck like this. You're not broken. Mindfulness and self-compassion offers a sustainable path towards creating more space inside yourself to feel a little more gentle, accepting and even FREE from being taken out by these heavy moments with yourself.  

I offer this talk as an easy process to practice being in a new way with yourself. It's 13-minutes. Got some time to sit down, put aside any distractions and ponder this with me? If so...  here it is...

To recap - 

  • 1 - Come into contact with criticism in your heart & body
  • 2 - Create a response to the pain with compassion & empathy
  • 3 - Embody a sweet and caring voice
  • 4 - Growing the voice