Feeling challenged and overwhelmed during this intense time?

These past several months have been quite intense for nearly everyone I've come into contact with. There is a lot going on politically and so many people are experiencing what's happening in a traumatic way.  If you're someone who is, I'm sending lots of love and compassion your way - the impact of what's happening right now is BIG and often really difficult to know how to handle.

If you're someone who's feeling assaulted by everything that's happening and overwhelmed emotionally, here's a video that can hopefully help you work with how you're reacting to it all that can help you feel more empowered instead of beat down.  This may be an incredible opportunity to grow and even heal some past wounds along the way. 

Jayson Gaddis from The Smart Couple Podcast really hits this concept home and has had a real impact on my own growth and the growth of many of my clients and students. These are thoughts and encouragements around this transformative concept.