Missed the retreat? I've got your back... listen in and drop into your heart.


This next several weeks of blog posts are a window into our very special retreat land.  We had a beautiful time out there in Vernonia last weekend meditating, basking in the sun by the river, chanting, doing yoga and mindfully connecting.  A genuine, fierce, and heart-felt group of self identified women came together to practice Mindfulness and Metta (Pali word for Loving-Kindness or Unconditional Friendliness).  If you couldn't make it... we missed you!  

Here is the first opening night's Welcome talk, Meditation and a Short Teaching as an invitation to all of us right here & right now to put down the distractions and drop our minds into our hearts and simply listen.

SAVE THE DATE!  Pencil your heart in for our retreat next April 14-17, 2017.