How to Stop Getting Hijacked by Your Mind & Emotions: A Talk From Retreat

Here's another opportunity to peek into our life on retreat last month and listen to our evening talk.  We had an incredible weekend of exploring the inner landscapes of our hearts and minds and the outer landscapes of Cedar Ridge which was gorgeously sunny and inviting.  I can hardly wait for next year's retreat!

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination...  This was the motto of the college I went to nearly 20 years ago - Prescott College.  I sure thought I knew what that meant at the time and I've realized over the years that it's not just about getting in the car and running off on adventures and never settling down.  

It's about being open to the uncertainty, about meeting the ups and downs of life with kind awareness and unconditional friendliness.  It's about not waiting for the perfect partner, perfect job and perfect body before we allow ourselves to live our life and be happy.  It's about stopping our habitual patterns in our minds that react to life thinking it should be one way instead of accepting and allowing for each moment to be as it is.  

When we push away what we don't want and cling to what we do want, we set ourselves up for a lot of challenge.  
In this talk, I share some personal stories and insights about how we can move towards allowing ourselves the possibility of more joy, kindness and acceptance in each moment.

Come visit next week for the final night's talk and guided meditation from retreat!