How Can Mindfulness Based Somatic Therapy Help With My Anxiety?

Often, anxiety happens when the mind and body are unable to rest and settle into a space of ease and ok-ness with uncertainty.  When anxiety is happening, there are a lot of details that happen to create the anxiety, both in the mind and the body.  Through Mindfulness-Based Somatic Therapy, you can learn to study how you “do” anxiety and then through that awareness, you can begin to “undo” it. 

More specifically, when anxiety is happening, thoughts tend to move quickly and often are in the future planning (or fretting) or in the past (remembering or regretting).  The body tends to be tense at the same time and the breath doesn’t move as freely as possible.  By becoming aware of the thoughts and sensations and the memories that go along with them, you can begin to have choice around how to respond to these experiences.

Once can choose to continue to feed the stressful thoughts and body sensations or to do something different.  What we practice grows.  So, if you have been practicing anxiety or stress for many years, you actually have to practice doing something else like ease or peace or just being OK.

Through Mindfulness Based Somatic Therapy, you can learn different tools and practices to help strengthen new patterns, understand old patterns with compassion and have some choice around how your respond to life every day.  And, that might include responding with spaciousness instead of anxiety. 

Often, we don’t even know that we are the ones creating the anxiety and know how we are doing that by studying the breath, the body sensations and the thoughts and memories that go along with it, we can begin to create a new and empowered relationship with life and the ways we react to it and get stuck over and over again in anxiety.