Interview about Deepening Dharma... The 6-Week Online Meditation Retreat

Have you ever done something you were really scared to do but did it anyway? It's invigorating, vulnerable and downright IMPORTANT!  I hear it's how all great things happen. 

Our nervous systems go on high alert anytime we do something we've never done before - they're just telling us this is unfamiliar territory - they're trying to take care of us.

So... thank you nervous system for trying to keep me safe.  And now... I'd like to share with you this short interview about the upcoming Online Retreat called Deepening Dharma. It's super helpful to watch whether or not you're planning on attending because what I have to say is super applicable for much of the work I offer.  

My dear friend Donna Carroll, founder of Ecstatic Dance Oakland and Dance Leadership Training had me over to her house down in Grass Valley, California and sat me down, grilled me on why the heck I'm offering this, what brought me to it and what it's going to be like.

There are two parts - one is the why's and how's and what's of the Retreat.  And, the second is a part of my personal story about what brought me to my love of meditation, mindfulness & Dharma.


Part I (8 min):

Part II (5 min): And here's where I get more personal...