You. Are. Enough.

You’ve got a huge gift to offer.  Be a steady conduit for your magic to pour through and tap into deeper awareness of what’s needed in any moment.

Learn how to create solid and clear INNER space so you can hold better OUTER space.


When you sign up, I’ll visit your inbox each day for a week, guiding you through three of my favorite practices to support you creating a strong inner presence, so you remain grounded and available for the people you support.

Because we all know we need to do our own inner work in order to guide others through their work. The practices I share with you really enable us to be with anything we encounter in ourselves, our clients and students in a way that gives us space, gives us the capacity to feel our feelings, to have empathy for another, to slow down enough to get a sense of what’s needed in every moment.

I hope you enjoy the practices and use them regularly - take the ones that really resonate and make them your own.


1: Deep Grounding Meditation

Imagine being able to navigate challenges, feelings of disconnect and all of the sensations and emotions of life with a true ability to tap into steadiness and softness no matter what.

2: Gentle Breathwork Practice

Expand your capacity to feel and connect with everything going on inside with a sense of curiosity, care and aliveness. Breathwork creates and allows lots of space to just “be” without all the monkey mind.

3: Heart Breath Practice

Come home to your heart, and your infinite capacity for love. When we’re with our clients and students from an embodied heart-centered place, we have even more access to what is needed in each moment


You’ll ALSO receive some simple, highly effective tools to use with your clients and students to help you become a pro at holding space.

Because we can’t know what’s going on inside the people we hold space for.

But we CAN educate ourselves and learn how to hold space for it all.

And that’s what I’m here to support you to do.


Give yourself the gift of nourishment so you can hold a safer space for your people.


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Hey, I’m Shelby Leigh, Somatic Psychotherapist, Buddhist Meditation Teacher, Coach, Super Advocate for trauma awareness and I’m so glad you’re here.

I support the healers and feelers of the world so they can support their clients, children, friends, and most importantly, themselves. I help people hold more space, create larger containers for creation, and manage trauma in a way that allows for massive healing.

I do this work because the world needs more humans who are HERE -  in their bodies, in their zone of genius, and in the world doing the work their meant to do.


I am so grateful to Shelby and her intuition for guiding me through moments where I needed strong breakthroughs. Her ability to hold presence and safety have allowed for me to see things I couldn't on my own. Discoveries about myself that would have taken years if I tried to find them on my own only took a matter of moments to uncover. She is a life guide and angel that provides such a safe, non-judgmental space to become free of past pains and to move forward to joy."

– Shaunna Brallier,  Sex and Love Coach, San Diego, California

Shelby made me feel safe to say and go places that I needed to, but hesitated to go. She knew how far to push me and asked me the right questions. I felt safe to say what I had previously felt embarrassed or uncomfortable saying. Never did I feel even slightly judged. I also really appreciated Shelby’s candidness and how real she was with me and our relationship.

– S.B. Portland, Oregon

I highly recommend working with Shelby in any capacity. For me, a reason her teaching was so impactful is that she truly embodies what she teaches and the transmission is palpable. She makes you want to learn more in the best way possible.

– Casey Hall  Health Educator - Case Management Specialist; Health and Physical Educator BS; Adapted Physical Activity, MS, CAPE, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania