Integrative Sexuality, Love & Relationship Coaching

3-Month Journey


Deepen sustainable inner happiness and aliveness.

Cultivate radiant confidence and trust yourself…

in embodying the Love you desire.

What would it be like to feel a deep and resilient sense of Joy and Aliveness –
regardless of who you are or are not in a relationship with?

...To grow a sense of inner love and steadiness so that you can trust yourself in relationship.

...To deepen in TRUE love with your partner instead of being taken over by “the grass is greener” syndrome.

...To choose relationships that are worthy of YOU and believe in your worthiness on the deepest levels.

...To move from feeling shut down around sex to feeling more connected, creative and receptive.


You know how big your love is...

Is it ready to be met by another?


Whether you’re currently in a relationship or single - the idea of connecting on a deep level can be vulnerable and bring up all sorts of old wounds.  We think we want it but when it shows up, it sends us into a rollercoaster of emotions:

  • shutting down

  • feeling anxious and clingy

  • pulling away first so we don’t get hurt

  • becoming critical or dismissive

We’re SURE we’re ready and then yet again…we get thrown for a loop left feeling disoriented and losing trust with ourselves and others.

It’s confusing and painful–for both you and your partner.  

Dedicated personal work can deepen Trust, Confidence, and Clarity with yourself, so that you can cultivate TRUE love in more ways than you could have ever imagined.

Awaken Revolutionary Love is a cutting-edge somatic therapy/coaching fusion that connects with the body, heart, and mind to heal what holds you back and tap into empowered parts of yourself.  


Who I Serve:

You LOVE love...


You’re someone who’s fallen in love dozens of times.  You LOVE love.  You’ve daydreamed about it and wished for it.

You have an honest desire for long lasting true love and partnership, but the problem is you feel like you crash from honeymoon romance to romance, never satisfied.

You’re someone who tends to run or shut down when deep love finds them or crumble with insecurity and don’t fully trust yourself and your capacity to stay in relationship despite relationship’s imperfections and ebbs & flows of connection and passion.

You feel radiant, alive, delicious, and at your best when you think you might have met your person. Are you a little nervous to admit that you’re mostly only happy when you’re flirting or in a new relationship?

Do you lose that sense of joy, pleasure, or purpose when the relationship gets real or the love is lost?

Maybe… just maybe… you keep falling for unavailable people to secretly keep yourself “safe” and end up reliving old wounds of rejection and abandonment and “not-enough-ness”?

These are completely natural responses and feelings, and you can learn to harness them to propel you towards more fulfilling Love.


What if your wounds could be medicine?


So many of us hold ourselves back because we’re afraid.  We’re afraid of what will happen when things get real.  We can even fool ourselves into believing this isn’t us but if we check in on the deepest level, it’s often true.  

What happens when things get real? We have to see the imperfections in our partners.  We have to be seen in OUR imperfections!  We try to hide our jealousy, we try to hide our desires, we get contracted and small and our original aliveness gets squashed.

What if you could learn to cope in soul-filling ways, and stay in touch with the original love and passion we once felt? What if the things that have been holding you back could actually help you to heal?


To attract Revolutionary Love

you've got to know

and I mean really know

your true worth.


What Awaken Revolutionary Love Offers

Together we can tend to the following:

  • Feel consistently rooted in your happiness, aliveness, and joy

  • Live in TRUE love instead of “honeymoon fantasy” love

  • Cultivate courage: shine radiantly and express all parts of yourself with authenticity

  • Allow BIG love to discover YOU instead of incessantly longing for it

  • Have gratitude for challenges in relationship and know how to navigate them feeling empowered and receptive

  • Trust that you are enough and your relationship is enough

  • Have a relationship that’s worthy of you and all the love you have to offer, and be able to stay present and engaged in that relationship


A 3-Month Journey

What Will You Receive When You Sign On?

The deepest revolutions are creative & collaborative. Our work together may include dialogue, guidance through inner emotional processes to heal old wounds, body-based in-session and at-home practices that integrate the emotional work and help sustain positive growth in the direction of your desires.

The Awaken Revolutionary Love coaching journey includes:

  • 12- weeks of weekly 1-Hour Confidential one-on-one Online Video or Phone Sessions exploring your desires and experiencing deep embodiment practices to realize those desires and addressing everything that’s in the way.

  • At-Home Practices tailored uniquely to you to transform your relationship to your mind, body and heart and increase inner and outer love, safety, pleasure, empowerment and aliveness. Examples of practices include meditation, visualization, breathwork, Jade Egg, pleasure practices, expression through sounding, movement, writing and creativity.

  • Post-Session Emails with session re-cap and detailing “at-home practices” so that you can simply be fully present in the sessions without having to remember too much.

  • Email support to increase accountability, motivation and clarity.

  • The journey comes to you: We can meet virtually from anywhere in the world. You experience sessions from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Praise from Revolutionary Loves

I've done a lot of therapy in my life and some coaching, but I've never experienced anything like this.

Unless you have the rare therapist or coach that's trained in embodied work (which I never did), you will be delightfully surprised by the depth and possibility in the techniques Shelby uses.

Shelby is gentle, loving and has legit tools that work! I developed this foundation of love for myself that (a) I never thought was possible; and (b) didn't know I needed in order to really have the relationship I wanted.

– Laura W.



Awaken a Love That Sets You on Fire


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