*Registration For This Summer's Session Has Ended* 
Keep Your Eyes Peeled For The Next One.

Free Morning Meditation
Right From Your Living Room... PJ's & all.


Are you tired of fluffy or woo woo meditation guidance and want something grounded, effective and totally doable?

Have you been wanting to sit regularly but needing some inspiration to get your butt on that cushion or chair?

Do you wish you had an awesome community of folks to practice with?

Fine-tuning your practice can be helpful in deepening your relationship with yourself.  It can help you continue to gain clarity, compassion and non-reactivity.  When we meditate, a lot of “stuff” can get kicked up.  It is helpful to work with someone who can help you navigate the "stuff".

There are a lot of people out there who call themselves meditation teachers these days.  And those folks can teach you some simple and easy practices.  But, the truth is… it can be immensely helpful to work with someone who has had a dedicated practice for a long time and who also has an ongoing relationship with their teachers, in addition to taking in-depth trainings. 

In this free series, we’ll meet Tuesday & Thursday mornings for 3 weeks.  In addition, we’ll have a bonus Q & A session where you can ask questions about what’s been coming up in your practice.  You are also welcome to email me with questions about the practice and I’ll respond to you personally.

While mindfulness is rooted in Buddhism, all of my offerings (retreats, groups & therapy) welcomes and respects people of all faiths, or no faith and is supportive of all levels, from beginning to advanced.  

 The Details

Beginning on Summer Solstice!
June 21 - July 7

Tuesday & Thursday Mornings
8-8:30 AM PST

Plus, a bonus 30-minute Q & A call on Thursday, June 30th from 8:30-9 AM PST.

Dial in from anywhere!

Here's a free downloadable meditation so you can get a sense of my voice and style to see if it feels good in your bones...


This is for you if...

you're committed to taking your growth to the next level

you know deep down that if you increased your metta & mindfulness  you may find healing and compassion for yourself

you're ready to show up for yourself instead of waiting for the quick fix or someone else to do the work for you


This is not for you if ...


You'd rather transcend your "stuff" than learn to be with it no matter how uncomfortable it is.

You can't show up for the majority of the calls - even though we're on the phone, we still create a lot of support & connection together.

Still here?  Awesome!

Let’s be a part of this meditation revolution together – go against the mainstream go-go-go and STOP, take a breath and come home to our bodies, hearts and minds.

Click below to join us.  Invite a friend, invite your partner, your mom or dad, teenager or dog (please do share with anyone you know who may benefit... the more the merrier).  Put down the screens, grab a cup of tea, find your favorite chair or cushion and get ready… ready to find the stillness and space that will carry you through your life with more ease, less reactivity and a heck of a lot more clarity.

Grab your spot today!  There are limited spaces.  
Registration for this special time together closes on June 18.