• Corporate Trainings for Healthcare & Wellness Experts
  • Daylong Mindfulness & Loving-Kindness Workshops
  • Young Adult & Adult Weekly Drop-In Meditation Groups
  • One-on-One Mindfulness Instruction
  • Online Group Mindfulness Facilitation & Support
  • High School & Middle School Programs
  • Secular & Buddhist Meditation Retreats for Teens and Adults
  • 6-Week Mindful Awareness Practices Series (UCLA)
  • Infused Mindfulness: Weaving Bite-Sized Mindful Moments Into Your Workshop or Training to help participants deepen their experience.

Whether you're here for your own personal mindfulness investigation or you have a group of people you'd like to bring mindfulness to... this might be the just the place you were looking for.  One of the things that most energizes me in my work is CREATING and TAILORING mindfulness experiences for each unique situation. Mindfulness can be taught and practiced in so many ways, it only makes sense to get to know you in this very moment in time and explore together what works best for your particular needs, desires and experience.  

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention, moment by moment, to breath, body and/or sounds, in an open and curious way. Mindfulness can be cultivated in formal sitting mediation, movement meditation and in relational mindfulness practices.

 2013 iBme Pacific NW Teen Mindfulness Retreat

2013 iBme Pacific NW Teen Mindfulness Retreat

Science is now proving that focusing the mind in this way helps:

  • improve health
  • decrease stress and anxiety
  • increase greater well-being
  • free us from our own judgement
  • improve focus and memory in studying
  • create kindness and connection to self and others

In teaching Mindfulness skills, I have helped many adults and adolescents to quiet their minds, relax their bodies and ease pain (both physical and emotional pain). With mindful awareness and kind attention to the present moment, we can genuinely connect more with ourselves and the people and situations in our lives.  

Learning mindfulness can be fun and simple! It doesn’t always look like sitting there with your eyes closed. I enjoy introducing all sorts of creative and interactive activities to keep people engaged and attentive.

I have a Certificate in Mindfulness Facilitation from UCLA and facilitate their 6-Week Mindful Awareness Practices Series a couple of times throughout the year.  Be sure to join the email list at the bottom of this page to find out when!  Additionally, I am passionate about sharing mindfulness in a variety of settings such as: high schools, eating disorder recovery centers, addiction recovery centers, private small groups, colleges, healthcare offices, corporate retreats, yoga studios, one-on-one sessions and multi-day meditation retreats.

Mindfulness training sessions can be UNIQUELY TAILORED to your needs. Short sessions, half-day or full-day workshops and multi-day retreats.

I also consult regularly via Skype to support people’s ongoing mindfulness and meditation practices. This helps keep practices fresh and inspired and also work through difficult emotions that arise during practice.

While Mindfulness is all the craze right now, it is also very important to note that while mindfulness can be transformative and life enhancing in so many ways, all types of mindfulness and meditation are not necessarily helpful for everyone at all times.  It is important to consult with a trusted expert who can help you decide what types of mindfulness practices are just right for you.  If you have experienced trauma or have chronic depression, among many other emotional and life situations, it's important to be sure you are working with a counselor and mindfulness teacher who are very knowledgable to help you decide what is most supportive and nourishing for you.  

Please connect with my blog to read various articles related to these topics.  Also, please feel free tor each out to me via the contact form or phone and I can also help you decide and offer any information or resources that could be helpful.