What is Mindfulness-Based Somatic


Having received my degree in Somatic Psychotherapy, my style is very body-based. Instead of traditional "talk-therapy" where you just come in and repeat your stories over and over, we include the awareness of the body in our work together and how it carries the past experiences of your life. When you learn how to experience your emotions in your body (instead of just think about them), it makes it much easier to regulate them and have choice around how to respond to them. Having awareness of your body sensations, breath, impulses and postures WHILE you're sharing about what's coming up for you in your life brings you into the present moment while we work together to heal the past and grow into the future. It also expands your ability and capacity to experience pleasant sensations and positive emotions so that living in your body feels more and more like a safe and enlivened home to live in.  

I'm here to help you know in your bones that you are worthy and lovable and capable of becoming the you who you know you are but aren't accessing at the moment. Together, we can create a space for you to EMBODY clarity, radiance, purpose and passion - to fully THRIVE and live a full and connected life.

Each person is already whole in Mind, Body & Heart. Imbalances can occur in response to significant events in one’s life. Together, we explore goals and objectives and we listen deeply to the wisdom of the body and follow its unique path to unfolding in whatever way that may be. When we expand our awareness using mindfulness and body-based practices, in addition to talking about what's on your mind, integrating new patterns happens much more quickly than in traditional talk therapy.

Exploring your fears and desires in a way that includes the kind and gentle awareness of your body sensations (or lack of!) helps foster a deeper and longer lasting shift towards becoming who you truly are.  

Healing all those past wounds doesn't mean the process has to be overwhelming and excruciatingly intense. In fact, this is a common misconception and outdated way of processing overwhelming emotions. This process teaches your nervous system how to include the entire spectrum of sensations and emotions - including pleasant sensations. It helps you grow a tolerance of both pleasant and unpleasant emotional experiences. Often, we go into tunnel vision - it's as if our minds lock onto what's wrong and bad. We have to re-wire our brains to create new neural pathways which create new habits and ways of relating to life.  

What we practice grows. If we have been practicing stress and sadness and reactivity and busy-ness, it's easy to keep doing that. Together, we will practice more ease, kindness and whatever else you are wanting to cultivate and create in your life.

I'm here to help you learn how to regulate your nervous system so it's not so quick to move into fight/flight/freeze. So you don't have to puff up or get small anymore. You can stay balanced and centered more often. I'm here to dream with you, slow you down and help you become more fully present.  When you reach those dreams, we'll pause to enjoy it together instead of missing the moment like so many of us often do.