BIG applause to you for taking time for YOU. Welcome to your 4 days of Inner QT so that you can expand and trust your incredible capacity to connect with your clients and students from an easeful, present, centered and grounded place. We all know that when we’re caring for others that we need to support ourselves first. This video sheds some light on something we need to tend to inside ourselves regularly that might be a blind spot.

Watch the video below, then scroll down for your first practice - grounding meditation. This meditation is one of my favorites because it’s an invitation to experience ourselves as ENOUGH in the present moment, inside of our own bodies. Doing this starts to teach our nervous systems what ENOUGH feels like, so it’s easier and easier to find this in all areas of our lives.


Now, are you ready to sink into yourself in a new way and to create a relationship with yourself where you have space where everything can arise without needing to react to it, fix it, figure it out?  Where you can find a sense of deep acceptance, clarity, love and compassion for whatever arises in yourself and others?

Imagine being able to navigate challenge, disconnect and all of the sensations and emotions of life with a true ability to tap into steadiness and softness no matter what.  

Today’s meditation will help you come into contact with your body and heart and the support inside and outside of you so that you can choose what to focus on in any moment and bring yourself back to a place of clarity, wisdom and compassion.  

I will send you an audio practice tomorrow that's a different kind of practice that will increase your ability to tap into true and real steadiness inside yourself.  The following day I’ve got some videos and audios for you for yet another game-changing practice that will give you space and capacity to allow life to move through you instead of take you over or take you out.  I hope you enjoy them.