Let's Go, Deep Into the Fire...

I'm here to help you REMEMBER in your bones that you are worthy, powerful, lovable and capable of becoming the YOU who you know you are but aren't fully accessing at the moment.

With over a decade of combined experience as a Somatic Psychotherapist, Sexuality, Love & Relationship Coach, Meditation Teacher and facilitator of various relational and individual conscious embodiment experiences, I bring a unique perspective and set of tools from the clinical to the super alternative, east to the west.

I am here to support you to experience Fullness, Love and Aliveness that sets you on FIRE as you continue to step more fully into offering your gifts in the world. I am devoted to increasing trauma awareness in all of my offerings and my intention is that everyone can thrive in this world as whole and integrated beings feeling a strong sense of love, safety and belonging.

I believe in change. Not that superficial, quick fix kind. I know that we can completely transform our relationship to our "stuff", ourselves, and others with dedication and presence.

We've all got stuff. I do, too.  I fell in love with this work because it changed me in ways I could never have imagined possible – it gave me Freedom, Trust in myself, and the ability to access my Heart, my capacity for Steadiness, and a sense of Radiant Confidence in what I am here to do in this world. Fully connected to Purpose and Power.

I'm not here to help you just "think positive" or transcend everything. I'm here to roll up my sleeves with you, and move through the blocks and the hard stuff in a compassionate, connected, real, and dedicated way.

Whether that means creating space for the emotional places you get stuck or offering consultation around logistics and awareness of how you do what you do so that you can better support your people you create sacred space for in your work. We can create space for it all so you feel fully in yourself as you thrive in work and life.


My Story: Before Revolution

I remember feeling exhausted all the time. There was a constant energy sucking low-grade stress that sounded very much like criticism and doubt in the back of my mind. I desired to shake that feeling, to show up to my sessions and workshops with ALL of my energy available to me, feeling inspired and on fire. While a part of me WAS that way, it felt like another part was pulling me backwards or casting an eery fog all around me. There was a quiet voice saying “I can’t” while all the while I kept moving forward because I knew that I wanted to do this. I knew that people were finding benefit from it. I also secretly knew that I did have a lot to offer.

If only I could get rid of this part. This part full of shame and doubt and stop feeling like I had to just keep pushing through. One of the main things I’ve discovered over the years, to my frustration, is that we can’t get rid of anything. We can’t push it down, ignore it, hate it or focus on something else in hopes that it will just go away. We have to create a curious and loving space to tend to it. To accept it and give it a voice. When these parts are welcomed with care, they often quiet down - they integrate into our WHOLE being and end up helping us move towards our desires even more fully.

I was doing in my career what I had been taught to do from a very young age - be perfect, hide any vulnerability, and push myself to win - to be the best. I also was taught that the means to do that is through criticizing myself and shaming myself into getting myself to where I think I should be. I compared and pushed and it worked! Well… I did have a beautiful career full of amazing clients and students but I still felt that low grade stress and anxiety constantly playing in the background. “What if they find out?”… “What if I drop the ball?”… “What if they don’t like me?”… “Others are doing more, charging more, seeing more clients, having a bigger impact….” and on and on and on it went.

You know that phrase that goes something like “I’ve been scared by whole life but I did it all anyway.”? I used to think that was something to celebrate. These days, I think that’s violent. I spent so many years of my life doing that and it caused chronic illness and an emotional disconnection with myself where I wasn’t nourishing my heart, my body or my soul because I was perpetually pushing PAST my edges. This is a trauma pattern that I know well that I was also taught.

Honoring my own sensitivities. My own unique needs and desires in my work and the way I work has been quite a journey to understand and know how to implement. Celebrating my personal genius in work, in relationships and in live and ALLOWING that to be enough has created a RESILIENCE that has grown. It has grown so much that I feel incredibly driven and inspired. But not in a way that' I’m pushing. It’s in a way that the inspiration grabs me and I get to say yes to it. It GIVES me energy, aliveness and clarity.

We all have different relationships to ourselves, our work and our lives. We were all taught certain ways to be with ourselves and that can play out if we’re not aware. Awakening Revolutionary Love means choosing ourselves first. It means understanding on a deep level what our own unique desires and needs are so that we can follow our most true path and stand in confidence around it.

I’ve always loved what I do. What I GET to do. These days I get to love it AND feel nourished and supported by it and KNOW in my heart of hearts that I am offering something that matters, that’s truly helping. And this is a beautiful foundation to stand upon.



  • Senior Teacher at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality supporting Sex, Love, Relationship Coaches in Training in the art of guiding clients with integrity, skill, compassion, presence and trauma-awareness.

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists. License #C4323 (License currently on hold while living around the world).

  • MA, Somatic Psychotherapy from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

  • Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification 1-Year Intensive Coaching Training with Layla Martin and The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

  • Certificate in Mindfulness Facilitation from UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC).

  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level I Certification – a treatment modality that understands the body-brain connection in trauma through the lens of neuroscience. Its focus is on both the psychological and physical manifestations of trauma and this focus results in more integrated healing.

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Level I Certification – the study of how language (body language and internal and external speech) shape our belief systems which shape how we are in the world. NLP provides tools to move towards what we want and helps get in touch with what keeps us from getting there.

  • Trained in both conventional and body-oriented approaches to psychotherapy and coaching. These therapeutic methods address the crucial role of the body in the structure and process of the psyche.

  • Extensive work with clients navigating sexuality and relationship issues, spiritual inquiry, complex trauma, chronic illness, eating disorders and chronic pain.

  • Over 15 years experience as a meditation practitioner and facilitator in the Insight/Vipassana tradition.

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