Hi, I'm Shelby.

I'm here to help you know in your bones that you are worthy and lovable and capable of becoming the YOU who you know you are but aren't accessing at the moment. Together, we can create a space for you to EMBODY clarity, radiance, purpose and passion - to fully THRIVE and live a full and connected life.


You are NOT a problem to fix, or a diagnosis.



You are a unique individual who has been facing challenges.
No matter how far from radiant and confident you feel... I believe in your ability to become who you know you truly are at your core.

No matter how many doctors, therapists & healing journeys you've been through, there is so much possibility for you and I believe you and I can do things differently. 

Let's create space together to let the past
stop taking over the present.



Individual Therapy

One-on-one in downtown Portland

Coaching Sessions

Worldwide via online video and phone


Regular facilitator of retreats & trainings


Upcoming Workshops


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