Welcome to Day 2!  

This is one of the most connecting practices I’ve ever experienced. Sometimes I practice it for 15 minutes and sometimes for 90 minutes depending on what time I have available and also what’s needed in the moment.  

Really make this one your own. 

Here’s a video I created while I was recording the full audio practice and realized I wanted you to hear my thoughts on the ins and outs of this practice:

Here’s the “How To” video

And here’s the full practice audio.  If you love the music in here, I’d love to give the artists credit.  Scroll down to see the playlist.

Now that you have two days of practices, feel free to weave them into your life and work regularly.  

I find that engaging in them often keeps me clear, open-hearted and sitting in my own wise center.

I’d love to know how they’ve impacted you and how they continue to impact you. Please send me an email and let me know!

** breathwork practice playlist:  

1. Cold Sun by Soap Bubbles

2. Haul by Christian Loffler

3. Shadows by Sol Rising

4. Infinite Possibilities by Ingmarlo

5. Journey by Sol Rising

6. Semolina by Slow Meadow