Live the life you love

Through patience, consistency, and showing up regularly for ourselves with nonjudgmental curiosity, we can transform even the most stuck places.

I am here to help you do that - even when there’s resistance, even when it feels so far away, AND even when it feels right there in front of you.  

This is coaching to feed your inner fire.

How Do You Want to Change?

Maybe I can be of service. Here are the areas I specialize in...

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Sex, Love, & Relationships

Deepen an intimate relationship or fall in LOVE with yourself and own being single. As a Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach, I use the most effective tools to help you liberate your mind, body, and emotions. Reclaim pleasure, sensuality, and embodied sexuality with yourself and/or your partner. So many of us ignore this area of our lives due to shame, conditioning and fear. Start your own revolution today.



You’re here because you’re someone who desires freedom, joy, radiance, authenticity and deep connection - inside and out. You know there’s so much more for you in life and are ready to take the next steps to claim your power and step fully into who you are… unapologetically. Coaching with me can help you create a sustainable connection with your spirituality or meditation practice.


Living Your Purpose

Are you tired of feeling like you’re watching your life like a movie instead of participating in it in full color? You have gifts to offer the world and are feeling called to give them NOW, but you get dragged down by that sneaky voice of doubt, criticism and “not enough-ness”. Whether you're launching your new conscious business dream, or getting ready to go down another road less traveled, purpose-driven coaching can help you take action despite fear.

Together, we’ll create a clear vision for you and PUT IT INTO ACTION so that you feel successful, confident and FULL OF GRATITUDE for your life and everything you’ve put into it.

powerful coaching integrates mind, body, and spirit

...and, that's what we'll do together.


Do you sometimes get stuck in your mind, and feel cut off from your body and spirit? That happens to so many people, and for good reason sometimes! In order to truly thrive, leaning into Mind, Body, AND Spirit can be immensely helpful. For this reason, the way I work is creative, somatic, and whole-being focused.

Fire Up Your Mindset

When we begin, we’ll be diving deep into the fire and I’ll be asking you about your fears and desires.  We’ll explore your heart and what it wants and lovingly care for each thing that’s in its way until we find a new way for you to truly embody what you want and THRIVE. 

Get Embodied

The more you’re able to inhabit and feel your body, there’s more access you have to true intimacy, power & choice. In our work, we bring you gently into the awareness and experience of your body in a way that feels safe, gentle and compassionate so that you can have more and more ability to tap into your own true self and the power, inspiration and aliveness that comes with that.

Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

Whether you find your connection to spirit in nature, creativity, dharma, god, goddess… it is your unique experience of it that matters. You’ll be given home practices and accountability to stay inspired and on-track.  We’ll check in as needed so I’ll be with you every step along the way.

The Details

How does it work? How much does it cost?

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Coaching is a minimum of a 3-month commitment with weekly 1-hour sessions, email and phone check-in support, personalized recommendations for books, videos, podcasts and other resources, & loving yet firm accountability. We’ll meet online via video chat.

Are You Ready?


Take a moment and feel into your body, your bones and your heart.  Let your body breathe you.  After a few moments, ask this question and answer from the bottom of your belly… “Coaching?”.  Do you feel heavy or light?  Contracted or relaxed? 

If you felt an expansion, a lift or a lightness, a spark or a relaxation in one of those choices… that you just might have felt a yes. Take some time and imagine what might be possible in your life with giving yourself one of these gifts and showing up for yourself whole-heartedly.

Let's Find Out What's Possible

Apply to work with me today and let’s make space together to explore possibilities and see what might be the best fit for you!