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Taking In The Good - Creating Positive Emotions & Experiences
  • Do you find yourself often focusing on what's wrong or what's missing?  
  • Do you get stuck in anxiety and sadness, feeling weighed down by patterns of negative thoughts?

We can use our minds to create new experiences that include more ease, peace, contentment and even happiness.  In this video, I introduce Rick Hanson's amazing work on neural plasticity and using our minds to change our brains with a very simple and easy process that can be used just a few minutes here and there throughout your day.

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Are You REALLY Willing To Be Uncomfortable?

Are you willing to be uncomfortable?

I don't know about you but I have noticed that at times, when I really desire things to be different, I want them to be different but not at the expense of my comfort.

So let me ask again…. Are you REALLY willing to be uncomfortable? 

What are you willing to give up in order to have what you seek?

I’ve been pretty good at pretending like I’m good at discomfort but to be really honest…  I have spent much of my life trying to avoid being uncomfortable.  But the joke is that the more comfortable I’ve gotten with being uncomfortable, I’ve saved myself so much time and energy and have learned how to get to the core of things in a more direct way.

Would you rather just pretend like you’re going through the motions of change while knowing deep down you’d rather not be challenged too much? 


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One of THOSE Days

Today has been one of those days.  I woke up ready to conquer the world – enjoy the sunshine, get some exercise, meditate, hang out with a friend, catch up on some work and EXHALE. 

That didn’t happen.  I was on my way to make a 10 minute stop at the doctor for a test I needed done that I’d be waiting to take for 3 whole months (don’t worry… everything’s just fine)!  I get there and they didn’t have any record of it (though I triple-checked earlier in the week just to make sure).  Disappointment and frustration arose – a lot of frustration. 

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