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31 Empathetic Statements That Show You Care

When hearing emotional pain we can easily jump to an immediate reaction to “fix it”…which is not always helpful. When people experience pain, they benefit from being heard and validated through empathy, not pity or sympathy (see the difference here). Sometimes we wish well, but we just have a hard time coming up with empathetic statements.

Often times our natural tendency is to eradicate pain and fix the issue. While this can be helpful in some cases, it is usually best to collaborate and fix an issue (if desired by the hurting person) after hearing and validating the pain.

When we empathize with others, we give them space to process, time to feel heard, a chance to experience support and the opportunity to feel validated in their feelings.

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How To Keep The Internal Sun Shining When The Clouds Have Arrived – How to Alleviate Struggling With Seasonal Affective Disorder & The Blues

Are you one of the many people that feel a big internal shift when the clouds roll in?  Here in Portland in the fall, many people find their moods shift dramatically at the first sign of rain.  Many people also experience physical changes in the body’s response to the weather.  You may be one of these people.  You may have noticed that when your body feels out of whack, your moods do too.  Or, vice versa.

People have mentioned experiencing some or all of these physical and emotional symptoms: heaviness, lethargy, feeling unmotivated, experiencing a blanket of sadness, joint aches, body pains, digestive discomfort.  An image that goes with those feelings might be walking against the wind on a rainy day in the sand at the beach.

If you are experiencing some or several of these symptoms, you can get curious and explore your own internal weather system to discover if any of your physical symptoms feel like they might be connected to the emotional symptoms.  Feeling into the aches and pains of the body may lead you right to noticing a contraction of the heart or tension in the mind.  The awareness of your body-mind connection can immediately bring some ease into the experience.

Here are some things you may consider that can additionally contribute to uplifting your spirits:

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