3 Ways to Breathe When the Magic Feels Funky in Relationships

Are you in LOVE with LOVE?

Do you feel “let-down”, disappointed, frustrated, broken and full of shame, when it felt so full of promise and then everything felt like it changed?

Have you found how much love you have to give and how amazing your magic is THROUGH sharing magic with others but heart-broken that it feels like a sustainable long-term love just doesn’t stick?

I often contemplate the friction between “honeymoon” and grounded committed long-term relationship.  Does it exist? Is it possible to have both? Why does it have to feel like one or the other for so many?

In this video I share 3 ways to truly be able to fully surrender to the passion and the magic in new relationship while also feeling the sense of long-term inner expansion no matter if the connection ebbs or flows.

One thing I have learned for myself is to give myself and others space when they are wrapped in the romance and to not confuse the magic with promises even if there IS talk of the future and to remember that what is there IS real in that moment no matter how it plays out in the end.  It’s taught me how to stay WITH myself even when I’m feeling forgotten or disappointed if the magic wears off.

Check out the video and let me know how you dance with this in your own life.

**Click on the photo to watch the video. You can also watch or listen to it HERE.