Celebrating Finishing Filming Trauma Series for Facilitators of ANYTHING

What a journey! I just completed filming 15 videos to share with the world on how to create “safe enough space” to really be able offer people with trauma and really sensitive nervous systems healing and growth when working with them - whether 1:1 or in groups.

I have found over and over in my work and personal experiences that there is a gap in understanding how to do this effectively. A light bulb went off for me that I need to share this information because it’s SO important in our work as I know many of you are facilitators yourselves.

I’m on fire about it and can’t wait to share it with you once it’s finalized.

I’m so grateful to you for providing inspiration and sharing things that are impactful in your experiences in life and work. Having the opportunity to work with you and listen to you helps me to realize your needs and how I can share my gifts to best support you.

I notice when someone says, “This is a perfectly safe space, I suddenly become rigid because no one can ever promise that.” Do you ever feel more rigid instead of relaxed when you hear that?

We’ll look at a different perspectives on how we can begin to invite people into the places where they can truly receive the gifts you have to offer as a facilitator. To find those sweet spots between being uncomfortable enough to learn and not so uncomfortable that they can’t be present.

We’ll dive into what helps people feel more at ease, what they need to be doing to regulate their systems so they can be present in the room, and what puts people in the fight, flight, freeze, collapse and attach mode. And that’s just a part of it.

Stay tuned!