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Why I Do What I Do - Creating Safer Space

On Valentines day I was invited to go see a performance at a school. I showed up and realized it wasn’t just a bunch of little kids performing something cute… It was young women performing poetry and monologues bringing awareness to violence to women around the world. While it was a bit of a recalibration to realize the topic was so deep and painful, it was inspiring and eye opening.

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Creating A Loving Relationship With Your Painful Body

Coming Home to Our Bodies When Our Bodies Feel Anything But Relaxing, Safe and Cozy… Like a Home Should Be

Chronic health conditions carry a huge weight for so many of us. Grief, loneliness, shame, doubt, disconnection, hopelessness, depression and anger can arise in response to feeling out of control with our bodies. When we make space for them and also cultivate internal skills for being more at ease with pain, it is possible to live a more free and vibrant life – even if we are in pain. 

Pain doesn’t have to mean suffering or stress...

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How to Stop Getting Hijacked by Your Mind & Emotions: A Talk From Retreat

Here's another opportunity to peek into our life on retreat last month and listen to our evening talk.  We had an incredible weekend of exploring the inner landscapes of our hearts and minds and the outer landscapes of Cedar Ridge which was gorgeously sunny and inviting.  I can hardly wait for next year's retreat!

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination...  This was the motto of the college I went to nearly 20 years ago - Prescott College.  I sure thought I knew what that meant at the time and I've realized over the years that it's not just about getting in the car and running off on adventures and never settling down.  

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Longing for contentment & connection but stuck in fight/flight/freeze? A unique view from retreat.

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel like you "should" be enjoying yourself and feeling peaceful but you're stuck feeling everything but that?

This talk and meditation was given on our lovely retreat a few weekends ago.  If you didn't get to join us...  you can listen in now.

We so often long to be able to be present to the beauty around us and to feel like we're truly there instead of stuck in anxiety or disconnection.  These topics of Mindfulness, Neural Pathways & better understanding the Fight/Flight/Freeze/Collapse/Attach mechanisms inside our brains and offer important information as to why we're wired the way we are and how we can move towards more and more freedom with the right kind of mindfulness and therapy. 

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Will a meditation retreat be too triggering for my anxiety and/or PTSD?

I get it... I was one of those people who would shut my eyes and feel more chaotic.  I felt more anxious and sometimes very frightened and agitated.  Meditating seemed to make things worse rather than better. I muscled my way through the practices because I heard it could help.  And I was sure I'd already tried everything else.  

The way meditation was taught when I first found these practices 15 years ago wasn't trauma-informed. 

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