Trauma Awareness Starts Inside

We all know that when we’re caring for others that we need to support ourselves first. There is one way that I think about often that sneaks its way into impeding the way we hold space for clients that we’re often unaware of (this can also be true for our partners, family members, friends, etc!).. This video sheds some light on something we need to tend to inside ourselves regularly that might be a blind spot.

When we check our deepest and most subtle motivations for why we’re holding space for others… we might find that there are some unintegrated parts of ourselves that are impacting our clients and students in a negative way unconsciously.

This is an encouragement to love yourself even more deeply. To love all the little parts of us so that we know in our heart of hearts that we matter and we’re helpful NO MATTER WHAT.

May this bring you mare clarity, peace and ease in yourself and your connections with others so that you can tap into authenticity and aliveness.