Longing for contentment & connection but stuck in fight/flight/freeze? A unique view from retreat.


Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel like you "should" be enjoying yourself and feeling peaceful but you're stuck feeling everything but that?

This talk and meditation was given on our lovely retreat a few weekends ago.  If you didn't get to join us...  you can listen in now!  

We so often long to be able to be present to the beauty around us and to feel like we're truly there instead of stuck in anxiety or disconnection.  These topics of Mindfulness, Neural Pathways & better understanding the Fight/Flight/Freeze/Collapse/Attach mechanisms inside our brains and offer important information as to why we're wired the way we are and how we can move towards more and more freedom with the right kind of mindfulness and therapy.  ***Hint:  it includes a serious focus on body sensations and also not practicing to the point of overwhelm.  

Listen in for more!   And... stay tuned for the next couple of weeks of blogs that build on this with more teachings and practices from our retreat!