How to work with difficulty using mindfulness IN THE BODY

When we practice mindfulness, we can train our minds to notice the stories that are created when we feel pain - whether it's emotional or physical. We often pile an emotion like fear on top of a pain we feel and then our minds go spinning into the future or past and away from the present moment.

I can hardly believe our retreat was a month ago!  In this talk and meditation from the final night of our Metta: Fierce Heart Women's Retreat, I share some personal experiences and practices around how to work with difficulty using mindfulness IN THE BODY. I offer a meditation practice that helps us pull apart the stories from the reality of what's actually happening which will lead us much more often to feeling more spacious and at ease and possibly even more joyful.

"I am that through which this is passing" is the theme of this talk and we focus on some Buddhist concepts relating to Vedana, Mara & the Two Arrows. Vedana is a Pali word that loosely translates as "feeling tone".  When we can focus our attention on the sensations of our bodies, it directs our minds towards what's really happening instead of what we think is happening.  Listen in to find out who Mara is and what these two arrows are!

Coming soon... accounts from my own 10 days in silence on retreat in Joshua Tree and what that experience taught me that I'd like to share with you.